Steven Goring is a self- taught artist working with various mediums. Born in Kingston, Ontario Canada in 1952 and raised and educated in London Ontario in the 60s and early 70s. His formal education is a diploma in fine art cinematography and an apprenticeship in color reproduction. Throughout life Steven has maintained a work space for his creative ideas usually in photography.  A move and life change in the later part of 90s to the west coast of Canada enabled Steven to spend more time on his creative endeavors. His explorations led him to painting for the last 14 years.

Steven Goring resides with his wife on Vancouver Island,British Columbia.

“I find myself exploring various spaces between representational and non-representational, objective and non-objective or natural design verses human design.  It is when these two opposing ideas meander into one another creating a less defined idea or vagueness that interest me. My work usually has a background layer and a foreground layer made up of various markings.  There is no perspective, however there is depth.The depth becomes the middle space. I am influenced by everyday observations of nature such as the play of light on trees, the movement of water or the arrangement of plant material. These observations, being micro or macro, make their way into my image making.”

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